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Cause we all need a meditating Michael Jackson on our blog

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12th century AD, Chauhan Period

Place of Origin: Pallu, Bikaner, Rajasthan
Materials: Stone

National Museum, New Delhi

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Life is a drama, and we should play our parts well. What kind of drama is going on in our world, and what part can we play to help? So many people seem to want to help others and our world; yet what can we really do to feel useful during trying times? I say, play your part well. What should we do to play our part? Love and serve. Love and serve all. We were born for that purpose. Don’t let yourself be burdened by adversities. Be at ease and do what you can…

— Sri Swami Satchidananda (from the book, Adversity and Awakening)

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Shaka Buddha Triad, by Tori Busshi

At the center of the kondo altar platform is the Shaka Buddha Triad. Shaka is the Japanese name for Shakyamuni, the Historical Buddha. A triad is a composition with three parts, in this case Shakyamuni Buddha flanked by a pair of bodhisattvas. The Shaka Triad was the first large scale bronze casting done in Japan, it was made by Tori Busshi (master Tori).

Horyuji, Golden Hall


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While I support the legalization of marijuana, this needs to be remembered.

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After hearing the stars boast about Marco Borges’ dietary challenge, Zayda Rivera decided to try it out for herself.

Daily Newser takes 22-day vegan challenge celebs Jay Z, Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, Ryan Seacrest love


Crispy baked falafel, served on a giant Greek salad 

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If you have swollen feet at the end of the day, or socks marks are showing around your ankles, then you definitely have some extra water weight to lose. Or if you’re heavily overweight, try this: Drink and eat only watermelon juice for a mini juice detox for 2-3 days. You’ll be surprised how much water weight you’ll be losing. Watermelon is diuretic and a natural laxative. The high potassium content helps release the extra water retention (edema) in your body. Also useful for those PMS moments. The benefits of watermelon are many. Buy only the dark seeded variety, no need to deseed when juicing. Avoid buying seedless variety as they may have been genetically modified. – Helps detoxify kidneys and prevents kidney stones – Helps to control blood pressure – Helps to lower cholesterol – Relieves mental depression and fatigue – Very alkalizing – helps improve circulation – Relieves edema (water retention) by inducing urination – Relieves constipation Read more here: HTTP://JUICING-FOR-HEALTH.COM/HEALTH-BENEFITS-OF-WATERMELON.HTML

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